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endplate sponsoren denied

"DENIED" self initiated spot against racism in collaboration with
FCA (soccer team), Augsburg Philharmonic Orchestra, Theater Augsburg
featuring Urs Meier
(former swiss referee), Sivia Neid (former national coach of the german woman soccer team)

In everyday life it is often completely overlooked how people of different origin are already an integral part of our society. The quality of a group consists of the skills and talents of the individual and of a precisely coordinated togetherness.

In the spot, the power of a functioning team is exemplified by an orchestra, a ballet company and a football team. And also how it would be, if all foreigners were removed.

It is important to the Augsburg filmmaker Stefanie Sixt, with the means at her disposal, to raise awareness of an urgent topic, to stimulate reflection and thus to contribute to more tolerance, compassion and peace.

produced and directed by stefanie sixt, sixt sense, camera: andre goetzmann

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commercial showreel sixt sense 2016
Showreel by sixt sense, Stefanie Sixt, 2016 including self produced projects as for the German Olympic Association (DOSB), the Berlin Volleyball Team (BR Volleys), the interior designer von Wilmowsky or the trailer for the German publisher Suhrkamp "Endgueltig" written by Andreas PflŸger as well as editing and motion graphics for international clients e.g. for Qatar Airlines, Speck, or Campari Aperol.

A series of book trailer for Suhrkamp,
publishing house Berlin was created for the autumn 2017 edition. visual concept and realisation: sixt sense, stefanie sixt
client: suhrkamp, sandra meisel

This trailer was created on behalf of Suhrkamp, Berlin, a premier German publishing house for the thriller "Endgueltig", written by the well known German crime script writer and author Andreas Pflueger.
book trailer "ENDGUELTIG"
category: spot of the year, client: SUHRKAMP, concept and production: sixt sense, stefanie sixt
Thank«s to Sandra Meisel for the support.

corporate identity and motion graphics forbook promo video packaging,
client: suhrkamp publisher, berlin
concept and animation by sixt sense, www.sixt-sense.de

On behalf of the German Olympic Sports Association (DOSB) sixt sense produced an image clip in 2015 in collaboration with the agency Steilpass (Stuttgart) to enhance the profit of the German Sports Badge.

The team was driven by a great spirit during production. A big 'thank you!' to all of them (Actors: Ruediger Rudolph, Jil Leonhaeuser, Guest Role: Katja Keller, Staff: AndrŽ Goetzmann, Nick Krause, Frank Baumann, Robert Czernich, Michael Baumberger, Markus Mehr, Britta Albrecht. And of course our great sportpeople - the famous Markus Wasmeier, Johanna Welin, Andreas Dittmer and Miriam Hoeller.

And thank«s to the Deutsche Sport Marketing, DOSB - espcecially Anna Schoth and Nicole Antonik as well as the partners Ernsting«s family and Sparkasse and last but not least the City of Augsburg.


sixt sense has been producing numerous commercial projects. A lot of them were created in conjunction with Andrea Bitai, Philadelphia, USA.

We have been working individually and in collaboration succesfully for 15 years: Creating international Audiovisual Projects - from conceptualization, through production to post production for international corporate brands as well as for cultural institutions.

During the past 15 years a wide international network of highly experienced professionals has been established around sixt sense. Continiously new impulses and developments are set by the mutual team work.

The work of Stefanie Sixt has been nominated and awarded.

project: imagefilm for the berlin volleyball team berlin recycling volleys, agency: steilpass, client: berlin recycling / br volleys, dop: andre goetzmann, motion graphics: andrea bitai, production and director: stefanie sixt, sixt sense

von wilmowsky still

client: von wilmowsky munich, dop: xaver schweyer, production: sixt sense

client: the city of augsburg, production / director / animator: stefanie sixt, sixt sense, sound: heiko schlachter, presented at: bavarian ambassy, berlin, schaezlerpalais augsburg,

In the year 2000 i had the chance to direct the video "15 Minutes of Fame" by the former Kraftwerk member Karl Bartos. It was a Berlin - Cologne - Philadelphia - New York City collaboration. In addtition we overtook the post production for the clip which was shown on the german TV Channels MTV and Viva II.
And - by the way - the cover pict does show a historic pict of the twin towers.